Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Freedom Isn't Free

Over 750,00 + Americans have died in wars since 1941. Do you think their relatives believe freedom is free?

There are currently over 130,000 + homeless American veterans. Do you think their relatives believe freedom is free?

Over 500 + American veterans commit suicide every year. Do you think their relatives believe freedom is free?

Had enough statistics? Because I could go on.

If freedom didn’t have a price there would be no one in the world who didn’t have it. I’m going to keep this short and to the point. But do me a favor if you decide to read it – take off your Political Hat for the next 5 minutes and just be an American. Can you do that?

Having served in the Air Force overseas at the beginning of the Vietnam war and while President Kennedy was assassinated I can tell you none of my friends thought freedom was free as we faced danger every day.

How about you? Take your freedoms for granted? Believe you deserve them just because you live in the US? Let your politics, religion, age, gender, race or anything else dictate how you feel about freedom?

If you bring a political mindset to this discussion my suggestion is simple, go to any other country in the world (with the exception of less than 10 - 15 of them) and protest something, anything and watch what happens to you.

Walk down the main street of any major city in the world protesting anything (the color of the sky, the temperature or the color of the grass) and watch what happens to you.
If you are an American, you live in the best country in the world. Period. No, as a country we are not perfect. Yes, we have flaws. Yes, we need to change some things. But abandon our fundamental constitutional rights? I can tell you from a historical perspective this is not a wise direction to go.

Here is what I believe is one of our major current issues as a nation. We are letting the 1% of the population determine the quality of life of the 99%. Just a few examples.

Five people in a town or community don’t like Christmas trees in public places so none of us now get to enjoy this privilege.

One parent objects to the T-Shirt a student wears so none of us can now wear a similar T-shirt.

Three people object to a statue that has been present for over 100 years so now we take it down.

Less than 15 people blow up a few buildings in New York so now 350,000,000 of us have to undress to get on an airplane.

Want more or have I made my point?

Until the 99% of us reach a point where enough is enough our lives will continue to be determined by the 1%. I don’t know about you, but I have had enough.

In closing – I will guarantee some of you on either side of the aisle are putting me on one side of the issue. Folks, this is not a Conservative or Republican, Liberal or Democrat or Independent issue. This is an American issue.

If you don’t like it here, again we are not perfect as a nation, do us all a favor and leave.

But, if you want to stay – celebrate your right to be a US Citizen and follow the law, respect the Constitution and vote.

PS: you don’t have these rights if you are NOT a US Citizen – sorry. – Remember, a lot of people have paid the ultimate sacrifice, death, during the past 75 years for you to enjoy these rights. I encourage you not to take them lightly.

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